Accepting A Counter Offer Is A No-No!

I have encountered a few times when I would extend a job offer to a candidate only to have their current employer counter it with an offer of their own. Some candidates accepted the counter offer while others said, “Thanks, but no thanks.” I was always surprised (and disappointed) by those who accepted the counter […]

Four Reasons Why Recruiters Don’t Call You

Looking for a job is a full-time job. It’s time-consuming and often frustrating. You can spend hours, days, or even weeks searching for a job that’s just the right fit. Then one day you find the “perfect” job. You fire off your resume. And you never hear a word. There are numerous reasons you don’t […]

“It’s My Design”….or is it?

Conflict can occur when an architect departs a firm but still wants to get credit for the design. About the copyright law: copyright exists when a work is put in a tangible form, such as when a design is put down on paper. You don’t have to register your work to have a copyright on […]

Ask The Recruiter: The Counteroffer

When you’ve secured a job offer, you may believe your search is over. But you’re not done yet. After you receive an offer, your present employer may make a counteroffer. HR and recruitment experts feel that accepting a counteroffer is career suicide. But in the last several months, many recruiters have seen an above-average number […] serves up news and inside reports to a niche community of architects, interior designers, academics, developers and other parties interested in the built environment. By registering with, or signing-in to, our site (it’s fast and free), you can enjoy a number of unique benefits. View industry news, design competitions, search architect job postings, view […]

Why Architects Shouldn’t Be Generalists

I’m prepared to catch a lot of flak from my fellow architects for this article, and look forward to the dialogue.  It is my opinion that architects should be specialists in only a couple types of projects.  Many of us, especially sole proprietors or those at small firms, feel that architects are problem-solvers that can […]

Parking’s Influence on Sustainable Cities

p5rn7vb After leaving Santa Barbara at the age of 18, I lived in San Francisco for about ten years, and then its antithesis, Orange County, for the subsequent ten years. Parking was impossible in San Francisco, and I quickly relinquished my car and used public transportation (which cost me $28 per month), my own two […]