Professional Coaching for Architects

Whether you want to start or grow your own architectural practice or get ahead at your corporate job, Elisa Garcia can help you design your career in architecture. Elisa’s mission is to improve architecture by improving it’s architects and introducing new handrails Melbourne materials to work on the projects. Great buildings are the result of […]

Is Going Solar a Bright Idea?

In an effort to increase technological innovation in the field of solar power, the Department of Energy has invested $1 billion in solar energy in the last 10 years resulting in a 60% drop in the cost of solar energy. Now, it has just pledged another $27 million in funding for a plan that is […]

Why Does A Simple Office Remodel Cost So Much?

These days, many companies are choosing to make a few minor revisions to their office space instead of building new office buildings or undertaking gut-and-rebuild interior overhauls. Whether demising space to sublease a portion of it, or making changes that improve productivity or attract customers, businesses are focused on ways to increase revenue with minimal […]

Parking’s Influence on Sustainable Cities

After leaving Santa Barbara at the age of 18, I lived in San Francisco for about ten years, and then its antithesis, Orange County, for the subsequent ten years. Parking was impossible in San Francisco, and I quickly relinquished my car and used public transportation (which cost me $28 per month), my own two feet […]

“It’s My Design”….or is it?

Conflict can occur when an architect departs a firm but still wants to get credit for the design. About the copyright law: copyright exists when a work is put in a tangible form, such as when a design is put down on paper. You don’t have to register your work to have a copyright on […]

Trust Me, I’m an (Unlicensed) Architect.

If you don’t have an architectural license, it’s illegal to call yourself an architect or perform architectural services-but people still do. Who are they, who’s policing them, and can they be stopped?, view more architectural issues in the main profile. (this article is by:Amanda Kolson Hurley,additional research by John ScappiniRelated ArticlesSave / Share and found at […]

Ask The Recruiter: The Counter Offer

When you’ve secured a job offer, you may believe your search is over. But you’re not done yet. After you receive an offer, your present employer may make a counteroffer. HR and recruitment experts feel that accepting a counteroffer is career suicide. But in the last several months, many recruiters have seen an above-average number […]